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10/25/2014: Front Page: THE ELECTRIC CAT


10/25/2014: Front Page: VIVA LA FIESTA


10/25/2014: Front Page: HARD LIQUOR


10/25/2014: Profile: THE SHADOW OF THE CAT

YUSUF Islam has a new book out in the Middle East called Why I Still Carry a Guitar: The Spiritual Journey of Cat Stevens to Yusuf. In it he explains his conversion to Islam in 1977 and how that has shaped his life to the present day. It’s a tome the...

10/25/2014: Feature: THE PRIZE FIGHTER

trousers. Most of the men had beards and long hair.” The shortest of the protesters, a dachshund dog with a placard tied to its lead declaring, “Winner Archibald Prize 1954 — William Doggie”, was the last to enter and the only one of the group not to...

10/25/2014: Cover Story: FRANK CONFESSION

AFTER days of thwarted communication, during which the author and his interviewer have been foiled by technology or time zones, it is a shock to finally track down Richard Ford. The courtly Mississippi-born writer, the most quintessentially American of...

10/25/2014: Visual Arts: ULTERIOR MOTIF

IN two days, a remarkable new museum building will open in the Bois de Boulogne on the outskirts of Paris: the Fondation Louis Vuitton, designed by Frank Gehry. Though in a general way reminiscent of his museum at Bilbao, with its flexible metal skin,...

10/25/2014: Film: IN SEARCH OF TRUTH

JOURNALIST Gary Webb didn’t receive validation for his investigative reporting when he was alive. His major piece of journalistic work, stemming from a simple Californian drug bust, led to revelations Contra rebels were financing their war on...

10/25/2014: Film Review: Mesmerising beat

Whiplash, Whiplash (MA15+) National release WHEN it comes to jazz, I include myself in that substantial minority of listeners who hear a performance in the confident hope a tune will eventually emerge, only to find it never does. Disappointment is...

10/25/2014: Film Review: Tanking into a beaten Germany

Fury (MA15+) National release Hector and the Search for Happiness (M) National release This is Where I Leave You (M) National release WORLD War II has been over for nearly 70 years now, and countless movies made mostly in the 1950s and 60s explored —...

10/25/2014: Books: FOLLOW THE LEADER

FOR those who are intrigued by politics, John Howard’s The Menzies Era will be a stimulating or fascinating book. It dissects the long era of Australian politics that began with Robert Menzies’ electoral victory in 1949 and ended with Gough Whitlam...

10/25/2014: Books: Powerful rendition of humanity, warts and all

Merciless Gods By Christos Tsiolkas Allen & Unwin, 336pp, $32.99 AFTER five novels, Christos Tsiolkas has released his first collection of short stories, and it’s well worth the wait. Merciless Gods is a collection full of vitality, clever angles,...

10/25/2014: Books: Lessons learned for future of education

A History of the Modern Australian University By Hannah Forsyth NewSouth, 279pp, $35 THEY often float on the suburban horizon, these things, huge and daunting but somehow vaguely out of focus, as if they are not entirely sure what they are doing or if...

10/25/2014: Books: Beyond black and white

FROM landmark art exhibitions to school textbooks, it’s widely acknowledged that indigenous Australians have maintained the world’s oldest, continuous culture for thousands of years. Given this, it is extraordinary that the Australian Constitution, the...

10/25/2014: Books: Judges of good characters

The Only Case By Ian Callinan Arcadia Press, 252pp, $29.95 Rooms in the City By Nicholas Hasluck Arcadia Press, 241pp, $29.99 THE latest and impressive additions to the Arcadia Press On Series fiction list (founded by Michael Wilding and Phillip...

10/25/2014: Books: Fresh appreciation of a poet of urban reality

Collected Poems By Lesbia Harford Edited and introduced by Oliver Dennis UWA Publishing, 136pp, $29.99 AS Oliver Dennis remarks in his introduction to this new edition of the poetry of Lesbia Harford, recognition can be a long time coming. Harford, who...

10/25/2014: Books: Sprawling study of contemporary life

Window Gods By Sally Morrison Hardie Grant, 393pp, $29.95 THE window gods of the title of Sally Morrison’s new novel pay homage to Henri Matisse. They evoke the recurring motif in his paintings of a view through a window and represent that moment where...

10/25/2014: Television: THE OLD MENU AND THE SEA

WE first encountered Matthew Evans in 2005 in Heat in the Kitchen, the five-part fly-onthe-wall series that looked at why the restaurant critic, then arguably the most prominent in Australia, had suddenly been reinvented as a god. Producer Ruth...

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Спорт: Велосипедные путешествия на выносливость. Джей Алдос и Мэтт Деваал. За 106 дней, со 2 апреля по 16 июля 1984 г., Джей Алдос и Мэтт Деваал проехали на велосипеде 22 997 км. Этот рекорд был установлен в ходе кругосветного путешествия, стартовавшего из Солт-Лейк-Сити, шт. Юта, США.

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Кулинария: Также посуду из нержавеющей стали не следует забывать на огне - из-за перегрева она может почернеть и покрыться радужными пятнами.

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Медицина: Черного перца — тонизирующее, спазмолитическое, рассасывающее, заживляющее; улучшает прилив крови к коже, способствует пищеварению; диуретик, антисептик, анальгетик, стимулятор, антиоксидант.

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Праздники: Свадебные приметы - Нельзя в день свадьбы одевать на руку кольца, кроме обручального.

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Размер стекла должен быть на 3-5 мм меньше, чем расстояние между фальцами (специальные углубления в виде уступа). Так, если длина между бортами фальцев равна 600 мм, а ширина 400 мм, то длина вставляемого стекла должна составлять 595-597, а ширина 395- 397 мм. Это необходимо для того, чтобы стекло свободно лежало в фальцах. Если оно будет подходить вплотную к фальцам, то при набухании переплетов древесина надавит на стекло и раздавит его. То же самое может произойти и от сильного нагревания стекла. При этом стекло должно заходить за край фальца оконного переплета не менее чем на 4 мм, иначе будет продувать.

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Стоимость перевозок: договорная без посредников по Санкт-Петербургу. Вам нужно перевезти недорого. Заказать предварительно. Осуществить перевозку аккуратно. Малогабаритная техника или груз.

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