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8/30/2014: Front Page: ANGELS AND DEMONS

IN 1976, when the Shepparton Art Museum bought a ceramic angel made by celebrated painter John Perceval, there was an outcry in the regional Victorian city. “At the time the angel was described in a local paper as being ‘a piece of stuff’,’’ says...

8/30/2014: Front Page: AMERICAN DREAMER

PHILIP Glass, he’s everywhere. It’s not only that the composer, 77, has been writing music since his teens, and can count in his catalogue 10 symphonies, 27 operas, music for dance and theatre, and many works for ensembles of various shapes and sizes....

8/30/2014: Front Page: ZEN THERE’S SWORDPLAY

Bushido: Way of the Samurai National Gallery of Victoria to November 4 AFEW weeks ago, in discussing the William Blake exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria — this is incidentally the last weekend to see it — I mentioned Dante’s encounter, in...

8/30/2014: Front Page: Compelling time travellers

HEN I was a kid we respected our parents. We didn’t eat them.” This cherishable line of dialogue comes from Undead (2002), a low-budget Australian zombie-alien cult movie made by twin brothers Michael and Peter Spierig when they were 26. Though it...

8/30/2014: Front Page: Ambiguity elevates police procedural

Felony (M) National release JOEL Edgerton is developing a nice line in brittle tough guys. Tom Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby, sad Stanley Kowalski in the Sydney Theatre Company’s A Streetcar Named Desire and now Detective...

8/30/2014: Front Page: PLAYING IT STRAIGHT

Felony. Please Like

8/30/2014: Front Page: A HURRY THROUGH

‘‘Three of my grandparents were born in Ulster within 30 miles of each other. However uneducated or educated, they were all quite playful with language.’’ Did he start to make a connection between Irish writing and his own capacity for language? Was...

8/30/2014: Front Page: Haunting work from a literary ghost

The Snow Kimono By Mark Henshaw Text Publishing, 400pp, $29.99 REVENANTS — from the French for ghosts — have been among the most poignant and disruptive figures in Australian literature. They come back to communities that have presumed them lost,...

8/30/2014: Front Page: LUSUS NATURAE

blood: perhaps that was why he shadowed me, why he would climb up onto me and start licking. They’d told the neighbours I had a wasting illness, a fever, a delirium. The neighbours sent eggs and cabbages; from time to time they visited, to scrounge...

8/30/2014: Front Page: Legal detour skirts ruthless truths

The Children Act By Ian McEwan Jonathan Cape, 224pp, $29.99 IT began with tales of cross-dressing, incest, rape, bestiality and sexual torture — an atmosphere of voluptuous menace rendered only more effective by the total want of affect in their...

8/30/2014: Front Page: Our finest feats in words of gold

From Athens with Pride: The Official History of the Australian Olympic Movement, 1894-2014 By Harry Gordon UQP, 336pp, $60 (HB) HARRY Gordon’s definitive history of the Australian Olympic movement is contained in an impressive coffee-table hardback...

8/30/2014: Front Page: Plumbing the depths of time

Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves By James Nestor Profile Books, 280pp, $27.99 Blue Mind: How Water Makes You Happier, More Connected and Better at What You Do By Wallace J. Nichols Foreword by Celine...

8/30/2014: Front Page: Remembering Gough’s gang

FACED with an unending stream of criticism at a rowdy cabinet meeting, Gough Whitlam abruptly halted the discussion, scanned the eyes of his ministers and said, “Listen you blokes, this government has one thing going for it and you’re looking at...

8/30/2014: Front Page: No end to the fallout as nation was nuked

Maralinga: The Great Betrayal By Frank Walker Hachette, 340pp, $32.99 THERE are certain events in Australia’s otherwise relatively peaceful history (no civil war or war of independence) likely to elicit an emotional response. The Anzac landing at...

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Кулинария: Рекомендации диетолого Хлеб, зерновые и картофель можно употреблять ежедневно в каждый прием пищи. Предпочтение следует отдать продуктам из неочищенного зерна или с отрубями.

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Медицина: Осина — против страха неизвестного происхождения.

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Праздники: Итак, если Вы поженились... Старинная примета о времени свадьбе в сентябре - тихая и спокойная жизнь.

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