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7/19/2014: Contents: the forum

HAVE you read the explosive new Australian novel about the rugby league player who abandons his family for fame and glory, falls into a pit of celebrity-induced corruption and excessive self-indulgence, but then recovers his self-respect through the...

7/19/2014: Contents: this (pedestrian) life

THEY say that when you’re close to death your life flashes before your eyes. Well, my life flashes before my eyes several times a day. You see, I am a pedestrian in Perth — a wellbehaved pedestrian. I cross only when I see the little green man, but I...

7/19/2014: Contents: the mind games quiz

Answers & more Mind Games on pages 30-31 1. How many full octaves are there on a standard piano? 2. The 2006 book My Life in France is an autobiography of which celebrity chef? 3. Which two Grand Slam tennis tournaments did Mats Wilander win three...

7/19/2014: Feature: DAVID AND DON

DAVID McVicar is brandishing a black parasol as he declares war on crusty operatic convention. “Cliche!” he exclaims, as if addressing an opponent. “I like to challenge cliche. I like to challenge received wisdom about these pieces.” The Scottish...

7/19/2014: Profile: JOINT FORCES

EARLY last year, one of Australian theatre’s brightest names, Simon Stone, left his post as inaugural resident director at Sydney’s Belvoir theatre after little more than two years. Stone, known for his celebrated, if sometimes contentious, reworkings...

7/19/2014: Cover Story: THE KOSKY EFFECT

THE administrative building of the Komische Oper certainly isn’t one of Berlin’s more fetching. While commanding premium real estate on the storied Unter den Linden boulevard, the sombre edifice references a different epoch — when this part of the...

7/19/2014: Visual Arts: THEATRICAL EXPRESSIONS

Plumes and Pearshells: Art of the New Guinea Highlands Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, to August 10 Theatre of Dreams, Theatre of Play: Noh and Kyogen in Japan AGNSW, to September 14 (closed July 28-30 for conservation) UPSTAIRS at the Art Gallery of NSW...

7/19/2014: Music Review: spin doctor

SOME of you may have seen mention of tennis legend John McEnroe in these pages recently, in the context of being a guest guitarist on the Pretenders head honcho Chrissie Hynde’s debut solo album. Turns out McEnroe isn’t the only famous hobby guitarist...

7/19/2014: Film: EVOLUTION ON SCREEN

JASON Clarke is the Australian actor killing it internationally. Yet in his homeland he remains relatively unknown; a familiar face without the name recognition of a Guy Pearce or Hugh Jackman, the man he met as he took his first tentative steps in...

7/19/2014: Film Reviews: Star turn from Gulpilil

IT is more than 40 years since we first saw David Gulpilil in Nicolas Roeg’s Walkabout, and since then he has become a symbol, for many a defining face, of indigenous Australia — at least for cinema audiences. In Charlie’s Country, a magnificent new...

7/19/2014: Film Reviews: Private lives, public passions

Words and Pictures (M) National release Venus in Fur (MA15+) Limited release EVERYBODY has two sides, two personas, the public and the private. Two very different examples of this human condition are on offer among this week’s new releases. Both are...

7/19/2014: Books: BLOWN AWAY

IT’S a steamy tropical night. The sky is glowing slightly, an eerie green. There is lightning all around and the wind is wild. Bernard Briec is only 10 and has lived in Darwin for five years; Colleen D’Arcy is 43 and has been in the Territory for 30....

7/19/2014: Books: To a hip-hop beat, the beauty of the streets

inner western suburb “with two of Australia’s best rappers”. A few nights ago they “got caught up in a cipher”, a performing circle where people improvise lyrics that bounce off and build on what the previous person has done. Musa doesn’t think he has...

7/19/2014: Books: Markers of lifetime memory

A Million Windows By Gerald Murnane Giramondo, 216pp, $26.95 THE most beautiful book I ever owned was also among the oddest. A folio published in London during the 1880s, it reproduced a number of 15th-century artworks from the National Gallery — but...

7/19/2014: Books: Witness to decline and fall of Gillard

Gravity: Inside the PM’s Office During Her Last Year and Final Days By Mary Delahunty Hardie Grant, 242pp, $29.95 ON the night of June 24, 2010, Labor’s then deputy prime minister, the popular and respected Julia Gillard, was catapulted into office to...

7/19/2014: Books: From boom to bust ... and beyond

Dragon’s Tail: The Lucky Country After the Mining Boom By Andrew Charlton Quarterly Essay 54 Black Inc, 101pp, $19.99 Beyond the Boom: A Lowy Institute Paper By John Edwards Penguin Special, 176pp, $9.99 (PB), $3.99 (ebook) ROSS Garnaut’s Days:...

7/19/2014: Books: Twists and turns of the wheel of misfortune

Last Bets: A True Story of Gambling, Morality and the Law By Michaela McGuire MUP, 206pp, $24.99 IN July 2011, 40-year-old Anthony Dunning was enjoying a night out at Melbourne’s Crown casino when he became involved in an altercation with bouncers. The...

7/19/2014: Books: A divine guide to Dante

READING Dante is an experience of a lifetime. You never come to the end of it. But, like Dante himself, at large in the frightening wood, you need a companion for the journey, and it is difficult to imagine one more enlightening than Prue Shaw....

7/19/2014: Books: Unleashing some skeletons from the closet

Painting Death By Tim Parks Harvill Secker, 352pp, $29.99 THE dedication in Tim Parks’s latest novel, Painting Death, is ‘‘For the Veronese, who put up with this Englishman for 30 years’’. In those three decades Parks has produced a wealth of...

7/19/2014: Television: KEEPING IT REAL

TELEVISION has always loved the convergence of commercialism, ratings popularity and non-scripted shows, and much of what these days we call reality TV can be traced to existing highly durable formats, prior moments in its history. The popular quiz...

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Спорт: Рекордные серии побед. Эдвин Мозес. Рекордная серия в 122 победы (с 1977 по 1987 г.) в беге на 400 м с барьерами на счету Эдвина Мозеса (США).

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Кулинария: Правильное питание: Ешьте только свежие продукты хорошего качества. Приготовленная пища не должна долго храниться, так как в ней начинаются процессы брожения, гниения. Лучше всего готовить небольшими порциями и съедать все сразу после приготовления.

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Медицина: Гвоздичное — антигистаминное, противоревматическое, спазмолитическое, бактерицидное, дезодорирующее, потогонное, мочегонное, фунгицидное, тонизирующее, заживляющее; налаживает работу желудка; анальгетик, антиоксидант, антисептик, репеллент.

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Праздники: Интересные факты про новый год 6. За час до Нового года напишите на небольшом кусочке бумаги свое самое заветное желание. С первым ударом курантов бумажку нужно поджечь и, если она успеет сгореть до последнего удара часов, то ваше желание обязательно сбудется!

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