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9/20/2014: Front Page: CONSPIRACY OF FEELING

MERICA,” said John Updike, “is a vast conspiracy for making you happy.” If that’s true, there have been few more successful conspiracies than the Broadway musical — that is, the “book” (meaning play) musical — a dramatic form that blends drama of...

9/20/2014: Front Page: TEAM PLAYER

IAIN Grandage has such an eagerness to play with others that you wonder if there’s a sandpit big enough for him. He’s one of our most amiable musicians. You may have seen him conducting a symphony orchestra, at a concert headlined by one of his...

9/20/2014: Front Page: DOCOS WITHOUT BORDERS


9/20/2014: Front Page: ONE GOLDEN SUMMER

THE first literary description we have of swimming is in Homer, when Odysseus, leaving the island of Calypso on his makeshift boat, is wrecked by a vengeful Poseidon. The kindly sea goddess Leucothea lends him a magic girdle that will save him from...


JOSH Lawson is buoyant. His debut feature film, The Little Death, just missed out on winning the audience prize at the Sydney Film Festival and he’s in the director’s bubble where all he experiences is praise and backslaps, most recently at the Toronto...

9/20/2014: Front Page: The sin of repetition

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (MA15+) National release The Infinite Man (MA15+) Limited release The Maze Runner (M) National release FOR fans of comic books and graphic novels, Frank Miller is something of a superstar, not least for his Sin City...

9/20/2014: Front Page: Punk and other four-letter words

We are the Best! (MA15+) Limited release The House of Magic (G) National release THESE days it’s possible to date a film fairly accurately by the sort of global disasters people talk about. This is especially true when the characters are young and...

9/20/2014: Front Page: THE AUSTRALIAN CRISIS

PAUL Kelly’s seminal work of Australian political history and analysis, The End of Certainty: The Story of the 1980s (1992), chronicled the reforming Hawke-Keating governments. The transformation of Australia, manifest in the dismantling of the...

9/20/2014: Front Page: Full of quiet fury, Amis articulates the unspeakable

The Zone of Interest By Martin Amis Jonathan Cape, 310pp, $32.95 UNDER the unlikeliest of fictional circumstances, Martin Amis has returned to form. His new novel is superb in almost every sense. There are the Nabokovian ravishments of his...

9/20/2014: Front Page: Where truth lies

nifies only distance, physical and cultural. ‘‘For a long time now,’’ the narrator tells us, ‘‘I have had the impression that I observe life but don’t participate in it, that somehow life flows straight through me as if I were transparent.’’ He makes...

9/20/2014: Front Page: Trollope neither our first nor foremost fan

The First Celebrity: Anthony Trollope’s Australasian Odyssey By Nigel Starck Lansdown Media, 195pp, $29.95 WE are not kept waiting long: ‘‘the first celebrity’’ of Nigel Starck’s title is renowned English novelist Anthony Trollope, who spent more than...

9/20/2014: Front Page: Bedlam in the ward

WHEN I was at medical school everyone was reading Samuel Shem’s satirical novel The House of God. They’d carry it around with them, quote from it, laughing. The novel, written under a pen name by American psychiatrist Stephen Bergman, tells the story...

9/20/2014: Front Page: Mass incarceration no antidote to crime

On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City By Alice Goffman University of Chicago Press, 288pp $50 (HB) ANYONE following the media coverage of last month’s shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by a heavily armed white policeman in...

9/20/2014: Front Page: Being frightened of the consequences

Cowardice: A Brief History By Chris Walsh Princeton University Press, 352pp, $55.95 (HB) “IT may be the most common and most profound human failing, but cowardice remains strikingly underreported and underanalysed,’ writes Chris Walsh, setting out to...

9/20/2014: Front Page: Slow down for a lyrical guided tour of life

TO say that the pace of modern life is unconducive to lyric poetry is not so much to flirt with cliche as to drop your keys down cliche’s blouse and insist on retrieving them. It’s also undeniable. Assailed from all sides by trivia, we’ve lost the...

9/20/2014: Front Page: CAVE ART

IN photographer Bleddyn Butcher documents the extraordinary career to date of Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave, from the wild, post-punk early years of the Birthday Party to, as Sean O’Hagan writes in a prologue, “the blossoming and maturity’’...

9/20/2014: Front Page: SUSPICIOUS MINDS

WE love a good conspiracy thriller. We’re easily sucked in by the conflict of secrecy and spies, honour and betrayal, the darkness in the shadows. I started out in the subversion-obsessed late 1950s after discovering Britons John Buchan, Geoffrey...

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Спорт: Снегоходы. Тони Лензини. Тони Лензини из Дулута, шт. Миннесота, США, проехал за 60 дней, с 28 декабря 1985 г. по 20 марта 1986 г., на своем снегоходе в общей сложности 11 604 км.

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Кулинария: Правильное питание: Следите за совместимостью продуктов. Некоторые продукты не сочетаются друг с другом, так как тормозят пищеварительный процесс, в результате чего начинаются процессы брожения и гниения пищи.

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Праздники: Свадебные приметы - После выкупа жениха и невесту скалывают английской булавкой, чтобы никто между ними не прошел. В таком <сколотом> состоянии нужно ехать в ЗАГС.

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Резать следует по линейке, толщина которой должна быть не менее 8 мм. Иначе стеклорез не будет плотно прилегать к линейке, колебания инструмента (особенно это относится к алмазному стеклорезу) быстро приведут его в негодность. Чтобы линейка не скользила по стеклу, на ее основание можно наклеить кусочки тонкой резины от велокамеры или медицинского резинового бинта. Линейка плотно прижимается к стеклу, но не точно по разметочным штрихам, а с *припуском* на толщину стеклореза, величину которого определим следующим образом. Делаем небольшой рез по линейке, точно установленной по разметочной линии, и замеряем расстояние от линии до контрольного реза. Полученный результат в дальнейшем используем для поправки всех размеров.

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