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Tony Palmer's Film About The World Of Michael Crawford DVD
Tony Palmer's Film About The World Of Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford has starred in some of the biggest box-office hits of all time. From Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, to the original Phantom in Phantom of the Opera, both in London's West End and on Broadway; from circus showman in...

2209 руб

Wagner: The Copenhagen Ring (7 DVD) DVD
Wagner: The Copenhagen Ring (7 DVD)
4999 руб

Richard Strauss - Elektra (Karl Bohm) (2 DVD) DVD
Richard Strauss - Elektra (Karl Bohm) (2 DVD)
DVD 1:
For this 1981 film of Richard Strauss's expressionist masterpiece, director G?tz Friedrich collaborated with the composer's disciple Karl B?hm, who recorded the soundtrack with the Vienna Philharmonic only month before his death - "music making of grandeur, ecstasy and precision" wrote the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. In her performance of the punishing title role, Leonie Rysanek "surmounted the score's superhuman demands with an interpretive achievement that crowns her career" (Daily Telegraph). Astrid Varnay, once a great Electra herself, presents here a potent rendition of Clytemnestra. As The New York Times noted in describing this "powerful moving Elektra", Friedrich and set designer Josef Svoboda have conjured up "distinctive images as memorably vivid as they are harsh".

DVD 2:
"Ob ich die Musik nicht hore? Sie kommt doch aus mir" - Documentary / Making of Elektra...

3429 руб

Wagner, James Levine: Parsifal (2 DVD) DVD
Wagner, James Levine: Parsifal (2 DVD)
  • Bernd Weikl - Amfortas
  • Jan-Hendrik Rootering - Titurel
  • Kurt Moll - Gurnemanz
  • Franz Mazura - Klingsor
  • Siegfried Jerusalem - Parsifal
  • Waltraud Meier - Kundry
  • Paul Groves - First Knight
  • Jeffrey Wells - Second Knight
  • Heidi Grant Murphy - Esquire / Flower Maiden
  • Jane Bunnell - Esquire / Flower Maiden
  • John Horton Murray - Esquire
  • Bernard Fitch - Esquire
  • Kaaren Erickson - Flower Maiden
  • Korliss Uecker - Flower Maiden
  • Gwynne Geyer - Flower Maiden...

2689 руб

Прогулка 3D и 2D (2 Blu-Ray) 3D Blu-ray The Walk
Прогулка 3D и 2D (2 Blu-Ray)
Джозеф Гордон-Левитт ("Ветер крепчает , Бен Кингсли ("Бессмертные , Шарлотта Ле Бон ("Клод в помощь в драме Роберта Земекиса "Прогулка".

Двенадцать человек смогли прогуляться по Луне, но лишь одному - Филиппу Пети (Джозеф Гордон-Левитт) - удалось пройтись по бездне между небоскребами Всемирного торгового центра. При поддержке своего наставника, Папы Руди (Бен Кингсли), а также помощников со всего света, Пети сумел преодолеть бесчисленные риски, предательства, разлады и опасности, осуществив свой безумный план. Используя самые современные технологии, лауреат премии "Оскар"* Роберт Земекис (Лучший режиссер, "Форрест Гамп", 1994 г.) снял трогательный фильм с запоминающимися персонажами. "ПРОГУЛКА" - ода любви Парижу и Нью-Йорку 70-х и, прежде всего, башням-близнецам Всемирного торгового центра....

1059 руб

Fabio Luisi, Verdi: Macbeth (2 DVD) DVD
Fabio Luisi, Verdi: Macbeth (2 DVD)
«One of the greatest triumphs in recent Met history» (Wall Street Journal), Anna netrebko's Lady Macbeth «is causing a sensation» (New York Times), a performance «so exciting it propels both artist and audience figuratively to the brink of madness» (New York Observer). With Zeljko Lucic's «highly charged» Macbeth, Rene Pape's «gravely dignified» Banquo, Jo9seph Calleja's «ardent» Macduff and conductor Fabio Luisi «leading a distinguished and authoritative performance» of former Royal Shakespeare Company artistic director Adrian Noble's grimly powerful production» (New York Times)....

2899 руб

Mozart, Nicolaus Harnoncourt: Le Nozze Di Figaro (2 DVD) DVD
Mozart, Nicolaus Harnoncourt: Le Nozze Di Figaro (2 DVD)
This new, excitingly original production of Mozart's most popular opera was the sensation of the 2006 Salzburg Festival. "What young director Claus Guth has made of Figaro - with Harnoncourt's active collaboration - is genius ... The stellar cast performed with power and precision ... This Figaro is as dangerous as the midday sun in one's eyes" (Le Monde). "A triumph for Mozart ... Netrebko's golden radiance ond dark velvet are ideal" (Salzburger Hachrichlen). "Shattering, unforgettable" (The Guardian).

Nikolaus Harnoncourt - Conductor
Bo Skovhus - Graf Almaviva
Dorothea Roschmann - Grafin Almaviva
Anna Netrebko - Susanna
Ildebrando d'Arcangelo - Figaro
Christine Schafer - Cherubino
Marie McLaughlin - Marcellina
Franz-Josef Selig - Bartolo
Patrick Henckens - Basilio
Oliver Ringelhahn - Don Curzio
Florian Boesch - Antonio
Eva Liebau - Barbarina
Uli Kirsch - Cherubim


3049 руб

Love: Story DVD
Love: Story
"Our aim was just to be as good as Love" John Densmore, The Doors
LOVE Story is the story of legendary Los Angeles band LOVE & their singer Arthur Lee. One of the first mixed race rock bands, the dark claustrophobic vision of their music and the bands sinister reputation set them apart from the Utopian ideals of the 'Flower Power generation and the 'Summer of Love' era. Their 1967 album Forever Changes is rightly deemed to be one of the greatest records of all time.

Set against the turbulent times of the USA in the 60s, this incredible documentary covers their fascinating journey from their origins at Dorsey High School in South Los Angeles, their spell as Hollywood's favourite band, to the creation of their masterpiece 'Forever Changes', followed by their drug fuelled disintegration in 1968 and their continuing relevance to this day.

Featuring extensive interviews with LOVE s front man and main songwriter Arthur Lee, as well original band members Johnny Echols, Bryan Maclean, Alban 'Snoopy' Pfisterer, Michael Stuart, Elektra boss Jac Holzman, producer Bruce Botnick, The Doors' John Densmore and arranger David Angel, their story is told first hand by those who were there.

The mysterious and reclusive nature of the band has meant that this incredible story has never properly been told before, until now......

2469 руб

Семинары Александра Высоцкого. Диск 2: Власть и лидерство, стратегическое планирование DVD
Семинары Александра Высоцкого. Диск 2: Власть и лидерство, стратегическое планирование
Ты - владелец компании и с детства тебя учили, что трудолюбие и настойчивость - залог успеха. Но труд не обязательно приводит к процветанию, чтобы добиться больших результатов, ты должен знать, как вести за собой других людей. Большие результаты не создаются в одиночку, а люди далеко не всегда готовы броситься в бой по первому твоему приказу. Посмотрев этот диск ты узнаешь, что нужно сделать, чтобы твои люди были полны желания действовать, а компания развивалась....

1599 руб

Metallica: The Complete Story (2 DVD) DVD
Metallica: The Complete Story (2 DVD)
They're the most important and influential metal band ever, and more than 25 years into an incredible career they still have the power, energy, talent and creativity to produce the most enthralling rock music in existence; Metallica are nothing if not a...

2779 руб

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